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Property partners

Convert your property into a coliving house and
grow your business in mid-low season.

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Why to partner with us?

  • You have a hostel, guesthouse or hotel where you provide an amazing experience to your guests but you struggle to get bookings in the low and mid season. 
  • You've already tried to register to a couple of booking platforms, organised special events or retreats, ran Facebook or Google ads but it was still painfully difficult to get more reservations outside of your busy season. 
  • We curate an active community of digital nomads who are looking for new places to discover a stay there for a while. 
  • You already have a running infrastructure and will will send you a different type of customers in the months when you would or close your hostel or operate an unprofitable business.
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How does it work?

  • You tell us more about your hostel, how many rooms you have, what area you operate and we consider if it might be a good fit for our community.
  • You will explain us your seasonality and what are the months you could operate the space as a coliving.
  • The coliving guests stay 20 night in average (minimum one week) so you have less work with check-ins and cleanings. It's possible to get close to 80% occupancy rate in the first year what is not bad for a low season.
  • You or one of your employees will be in charge of the community at your space (organisation of gatherings, curating community, connecting guest). We will help you to start.
  • You set up the prices, however, we'll give you advices for the right pricing to achieve your occupancy rate target.
  • You can switch to your regular hostel business each year for the high season and then continue again with coliving afterwards.
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Business model

Setup fee: Depends on the number of rooms

You pay us an initial setup fee which includes following:

  • Materials to set up a successful coliving space
  • 10-hour on-boarding in person or by phone with our coliving experts
  • Creating promotional content about your space and location
  • Ongoing support
  • Nomad Landing branding


Booking fee: 10%

There is a flat fee of 10% of all the bookings.